How I got started….


I bought my first set of mala’s from a beautiful young lady at Rasa-Lila Festival in Orlando, FL in 2012. And that, my friends, is all she wrote.

I wanted to make another beautiful set using different stones so I went to my local bead store and purchased the supplies to make my first mala that I could wear. When I was tying each knot I learned to truly connect to the true purpose of mala’s. Lessons were learned in patience, lessons in being quiet, lessons on focusing on nothing but threading and hand tying each knot for each 108 beads.

I discovered that making malas was my special way to mediate and leave the stress’s behind. Focusing my energy into every single bead and just letting go. An overwhelming sense of happiness came over me and that was my inspiration and has continued to inspired me to make and share them with others. It is my way of staying connected to people who love them like I do. Om Shanti!